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Wild Wacky Web™ Agility Challenge

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80.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Wild Wacky Web™ is FUN!  Besides fun - it is an athletic and therapy tool for multi-joint multi-plane movement. All kinds of things happen between the brain and the body while using this tool - but most predictable is a SMILE. Go to www.WildWackyWeb.com for more information. Price: $599.00.


What is it?

Originally designed to teach children about the “network” of the internet, the Wild Wacky Web™ turned out to be a total blast for kids and adults too. Better yet – it’s a tremendous warm-up/warm-down workout tool.

Climbing through it fires ankles, knees, hips, core, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck in non-traditional movement. We seldom stretch and strengthen these joints in an ordinary day (or ordinary workout). In the higher demands of todays sports training and therapy protocols these movements can be beneficial if not required. Best of all using it is pure FUN!

The Wild Wacky Web is also an attention grabber! It’s a great tool for trade shows and public events when non-profits or business want to engage the public and have a captive audience for a little while. Occupational and Physical Therapist, PE, Athletic Coaches, Dance Studios, and Health Clubs have all embraced it.

We think it might have applications in the party rental market and probably corporate training too. We are working on several versions.Let us know what you need. Oh ! and we plan to make a mini-scale puzzle just so anyone who wants one can have the Icon hanging around. We appreciate your interest. Tell your friends.

Product Videos

Wild Wacky Web ™ by Lane Gainer Sport ™ 800-443-8946 (00:53)
Navigating the Wild Wacky Web™ with her eyes closed, Lauren Piper demonstrates range of motion, balance, and proprioception skills. Even with our eyes closed, we have a sense of body position - where our arms and legs are and that we are moving them. Muscles, tendons, joints and the inner ear contain proprioceptors, also known as stretch receptors, which relay positional information to our brains. Our brains then analyze this information and provide us with a sense of body orientation and movement.
  • Wild Wacky Web...
    Navigating the Wild Wacky Web™ with her eyes closed, Lauren Pi...
  • Wild Wacky Web...
    This video is about Wild Wacky Web - Assembly Instructions imovie
  • Wild Wacky Web...
    What is it ???? The Wild Wacky Web™ is FUN! Besides fun - ...

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Product Reviews

  1. Nevers fails to draw and hold a line of folk waiting to try it out. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Oct 2011

    This product has been an outstanding crowd-pleaser with a line of children through adventurous high school-aged waiting to spend a necessarily moderated amount of time negotiating and playing within the cube. The folk engaged in the cube have great fun while it is those that must manage the queue and the activities of those in the cube that struggle as the interaction is so much fun that participants are eager to test their own and the device's limits. Not recommended for unmoderated public use - we are frequently queried about "where we got ours" and we frequently wish for a larger unit to include even more users at the same time. Fun, challenging and a modest investment given the popularity of the activity.

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